Fire Damage Can Be Hard To Restore

Fire Damage Can Be Hard To Restore

A fire is one of the worst things that can happen to your home or business.  The average building contains a lot of flammable materials, so it doesn’t take much for a small flame to grow out of control and destroy part of the building.  On top of that, there’s a lot more to recover from a fire than just replacing the wood siding or cabinets that became singed or burned.  Fire damage can be pervasive, and you need an expert restoration service if you want to remove all the lingering effects of a fire.


Smoke In The Vents


Smoke doesn’t just float away and vanish in the sky.  The particles that make smoke dark will deposit themselves on anything the smoke passes through, including the central vent system found in almost every modern home and commercial building.  That means that if you don’t clean the air vents carefully, your home or business location will continue to smell like smoke for months afterward, and the air quality will nosedive even after the smell goes away.


Smells In Fabric


Fabrics can trap all kinds of particles that pass through them.  This is especially true of carpets, towels, and other soft and absorbent fabrics.  So while your clothing will be fine after a long wash cycle, you’ll need professional cleaners or restorers to handle your carpets and furniture.  Even then, you may need to replace much of your furniture to completely get rid of the smell of smoke and eliminate hazardous particles from the air.


Water Damage


Firefighters use gallons of highly pressurized water to put out flames.  This keeps fires from spreading and destroying your home completely, but it also causes a lot of water damage in the process.  The high-pressure water can damage the sides of the building it hits, and the water can pool in the basement or lowest floor and lead to mold growth and foundation damage.  A professional restoration team will also keep this in mind and will repair water damage along with the expected fire damage.


Scorching And Ash


Many of your belongings or your company’s property will suffer damage during a fire.  Some of this damaged property will be beyond recovery, but a restoration service can repair and restore items you might have thought were gone for good.  For instance, tableware can be scorched by direct heat or ash, but if it hasn’t bent a good polish will have it looking good as new.  Many electronics, shelves, and other solid items can also make it through fire if they weren’t too close to the flames.


A fire can be a traumatic event even if no one was hurt and even if it happens at your business rather than your home.  It can take time to recover and repair after the flames go out, so it’s important to choose a restoration service that can work quickly and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.  That’s why many people choose Rainbow International of Central Oregon when they need a fast and reliable restoration service.