You Dont Have To Live With That Musty Smell

You Dont Have To Live With That Musty Smell

The “musty smell” is often associated with old and abandoned properties.  That’s because you’re smelling all the billions of spores released by mold growth, both the mold growing in visible patches along the walls and floor and the hidden mold that grows between walls, above ceilings, and below floors.  The musty smell is always unpleasant, and if that’s not enough it can also cause respiratory issues like coughing, runny noses, sneezing, and headaches. 

Mold grows in abandoned properties because no one comes by to clean the place, keep the roof in good repair, or inspect the basement for flooding or water damage.  However, mold (and that musty smell) can creep into an occupied home or business if you don’t take care of your attic or basement, or if you don’t clean up properly after a major disaster like a flood or fire.  Either way, hiring a professional restoration service can make your entire mold problem disappear. 

Fire Restoration Is Comprehensive

A lot gets damaged during a fire, and not just the obvious areas.  Smoke can pour through the building and contaminate the air ducts, the walls, and the furniture in each room.  Heat can warp and damage important wires and pipes, causing leaks that flood the basement and secondary fires that are harder to put out.  Between the burned wood and pooling water, mold loves to grow in burned-out homes, and so the restoration process needs to include flood repairs and mold remediation.

Flood Repairs Fix A Lot Of Problems 

A flooded basement suffers damage in several ways.  The water itself soaks through wood, leather, and fabric, and it’ll warp and damage walls, floors, and furniture made of these materials.  The weight of the water can also damage your building’s supports and crack its foundation.  Floodwater is also dirty, and it tends to contain waste, bacteria, fungi, and dangerous chemicals.  Another feature of floodwater is that the moisture allows mold colonies to explode in size, so restoration includes mold remediation and using fans to dehumidify the affected areas.

Mold Remediation Can Reverse Years Of Neglect

Even if you haven’t been taking care of your home as well as you should, or if you’ve moved into a new home that the last owner neglected, you don’t have to put up with a musty smell and a runny nose that never seems to go away.  Restoration services can remediate mold by scrubbing affected areas with strong cleaners, spotting hidden mold colonies, and removing furniture and wall sections if the mold has colonized them too deeply.  In the end, you’ll have a home where you can breathe freely.

A good restoration service will not only repair the damage your building suffers after a disaster, but it will also make sure mold doesn’t have a chance to get a foothold and hurt both your sense of smell and your health.  That’s why people in our service area turn to Rainbow International of Central Oregon when they need professional restoration.  We can work fast, and we work directly with your insurance provider, so contact us today if you need mold remediation.

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