3 Major Consequences of Ignoring Water Damage In Your Home

3 Major Consequences of Ignoring Water Damage In Your Home

At the unfortunate incident of water flooding your home, you have to be quick on your feet to keep damages as minimal as possible. Water damage has the ability to not only swiftly degrade the quality of your furniture and belongings at home, but it has the ability to drastically impact your everyday life in the long-run as well. Here, we’ll list down five of some of the worst consequences your home can face if you choose to ignore water damages. 

Safety Hazards: Rust, Mold, Rot, and More

Whether or not you intend to, ignoring water damage for an extended period of time puts the structural integrity of your house and belongings are at great risk. Pipes and drainage, when exposed to excessive amounts of moisture, is very much likely to rust, degrade, and eventually contaminate your water. Hiring a water damage restoration company to tend to your home is much cheaper than installing a new repipe system for your home, so don’t keep your waterlogged house waiting.

Wooden fixtures and structures in the house such as furniture, walls, and flooring are also at great risk of damage in the form of warping, mold, and wood rot. This poses serious safety hazards, given that water damages can cause floors and walls to give out or even collapse.

Your entire home’s electrical system may also be at risk of water damages if you don’t tend to them early. Not only will a delayed response cost you thousands in repairs, but it may also put you and your family at risk of a house fire. The temporary convenience of ignoring water damages is not worth risking living in an unstable home.


Reselling Value

Not tending to water damages in your home will most likely cause the property’s overall selling value to plummet down. Potential buyers of your property will spot the damages, and either demand the property be sold for less, ask you to repair these damages before they purchase, or even both. Instead of losing thousands of dollars in property value, act early and get your water damages repaired as soon as you spot them.


Health Hazards

Prolonged exposure to excessive amounts of moisture can and will cause mold to develop absolutely anywhere in your home. Mold spores are not only a disgusting sight to behold, some species of mold and fungi may also pose dangerous health problems if you are exposed to them. Those with mold allergies commonly experience symptoms such as colds, sore throat, coughing, and fatigue. If you spot little mold spores growing in your home, do yourself a favor and call a water damage restoration company to deal with them immediately. Wait any longer and you may find yourself sick within days.


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