At Risk Places Where Leaks May Occur In Ones Home

At Risk Places Where Leaks May Occur In Ones Home

Nobody wants H2O to damage their homes. Unfortunately, incidents happen from time to time, and that is precisely what happens. Some things homeowners simply cannot control. For instance, hurricanes and tropical storms seem to be getting stronger every year. They are dropping staggering amounts of rainfall, which leads to flooding. Once the liquid finally begins to go down, people are left with a huge mess on their hands.

In other situations, it may be possible for persons to prevent catastrophes from arising. How? Well, they can simply walk around the house, investigating certain areas to see if any potential problems exist. Then again, an individual can also call in professionals to walk through the property and make sure everything is A-okay.


Roofs And Kitchen Appliances


For instance, a structure's roof is one of the most obvious locations where rainwater can get inside. Take a peek at your roof from the street to see if any shingles or curled. If so, contact a professional roofer to repair the surface before the next big storm, or you could be in for quite the surprise.

Homeowners should also take the time to examine kitchen appliances now and again. Ice makers, dishwashers, and refrigerators often have small plastic or copper tubing running to them. If the line begins to drip or spray for an extended period, without anyone being the wiser, mold could start to grow, floorboards may rot, or drywall might crumble and fall apart.


Under House Leaks

Not all, but many homes, especially those of the pier and beam variety, have water and drain pipes underneath. It is a good idea to listen for the sound of spraying H2O on the subflooring. Also, it can be beneficial for a homeowner to poke their head through the crawl space with a flashlight on occasion to check for standing water. Nobody is saying to get on your belly and slither around under the structure like a snake. After all, there are lots of creepy crawlers like spiders, roaches, and sometimes, rodents that call this place home.

However, if an individual hears the sound of rushing water, it is likely time to call in the plumber. They know the ins and outs of how to deal with such situations and don't mind getting a bit dirty to fix the dilemma. The professional will repair the issue and help under your house not look like a lake anymore.


Things To Know About Bathroom Water Leakage

Restrooms have sinks, toilets, faucets, and bathtubs. Additionally, pipes are inside the walls, tiles are usually on the floor and surrounding the tub/shower, and sometimes, a/c drains even tie into those of fixtures. Heck, some bathrooms also include bidets. In other words, there are numerous places where leaks can begin in these rooms.


So much so, that it can be challenging for a homeowner to pinpoint where the water is originating. As such, going it alone can turn into a recipe for disaster as the issue can drive him or her mad, leaving them wanting to rip their hair out by the handful. Thus, call in the professionals and avoid the headaches altogether.

When water wreaks havoc on your home, give the professionals at Rainbow International of Central Oregon a call.

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