Doing Nothing After Water Damage Occurs Can Be A Disaster In Itself

Doing Nothing After Water Damage Occurs Can Be A Disaster In Itself

Water damage is a matter that should always be serious. With storms appearing to get stronger and stronger each year, dumping never-before-seen amounts of rain on locations, flooding is a substantial problem. Structures can sustain all sorts of damages in the events. Other things that can lead to water damage include but are not limited to...

  • Broken Water Pipes
  • Leaking Roofs
  • Malfunctioning Appliances
  • Dripping Plumbing Fixtures

 Some folks attempt to fix the problems and damage themselves. There is not necessarily anything wrong with the DIY process, but if they fail to repair the actual enigma, it will only worsen. When water continues to leak, mold can begin to grow.

Hire A Reliable Emergency Restoration Company To Eliminate Mold From The Equation

Box fans, carpet cleaners that are rented from a store, and a miscalculated bleach concoction will only do so much. In other words, moisture could be left behind in the walls, under padding, inside insulation, and more. Hence, the perfect growing environment for the fungus will be created. 

Then again, if a homeowner decides to do absolutely nothing about the water damage, numerous surfaces can become covered by the substance in the blink of an eye. So, hire an emergency restoration company to eliminate moisture and mold from the picture. The latter can cause symptoms in humans, such as...

  • Coughing, Sneezing, And Runny Or Stuffy Nose
  • Postnasal Drip
  • Skin Irritation
  • Headaches
  • Respiratory Infections
  • And Even Depression

It Can Be Challenging To Rid The House Of That Musty Smell When Going It Alone

Aside from mold, once everything gets wet like furniture, flooring, and the inside of walls, a pungent aroma usually develops. The smell is obnoxious and can leave people feeling sick to their stomachs. Opening all of the home's doors and windows to air it out is a good start. However, those actions alone are not enough to make the fragrance disappear. Emergency restoration companies have various tools at their disposal, such as air movers, dehumidifiers, and filtered equipment to nip the putrid smell in the bud.


Don't Forget About The Air Ducts

Rainwater can also get into the air ducts when flooding occurs. Neglecting to clean them can defeat the restoration process altogether. For one, if mold starts to grow in the chambers, its spores can become airborne whenever the air or heat kicks on. Additionally, the rotten smell mentioned above will travel between rooms and fill the entire house. With so many factors at play, household members can get sick left and right.

Our technicians have the tools to remove whatever is lurking inside the ducts. They won't leave any dirt, dander, allergens, or anything else behind. So, don't delay any longer. With the health and well-being of loved ones being the primary topics of concern, you can't sit back and do nothing. Instead, schedule a consultation with our office today, and be amazed as our team surpasses your expectations with friendly and professional service.

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