In An Emergency Quick Short Term Measures Are Essential

In An Emergency Quick Short Term Measures Are Essential

Emergencies can occur at any time, and when they do, having a plan in place always helps, but the real key to successfully navigating through an emergency is a timely response. When it comes to property, windows and other points of entry in a home are often the most vulnerable. This is why, whether it is a natural disaster or an act of crime, it’s important to address these vulnerabilities quickly.


Temporary Measures


Broken windows or battered doors represent two main risks. They are easy points of entry into a home that no longer require any effort to navigate, and these areas are exposed to the elements, including wind, rain, and snow, depending on the location and the season.


This means that even if the rest of a structure is intact, more damage may be incurred in the aftermath of a storm, or a break-in because furniture and other items close to these breaches are more vulnerable. When you have an emergency and you’re already worried about the expense of repair, adding onto that list with further damaged goods is the last thing you want to worry about.


Tarps & Boards


Of course, one of the most important things in such a situation is getting windows, doors, and other vulnerabilities repaired, but that will take time. Meanwhile, these areas are accessible now, and every hour counts. At this stage, before permanent, meaningful repairs take place, you need emergency short term measures that, while not very physically attractive, will act in the meantime to provide some protection.


For windows and doors, boarding up the exposed areas is best. This will, for a short period, keep out the rain and other elements, but more importantly, it gives you a physical barrier. In other cases, especially if you want a softer, flexible solution, a tarp is a good measure to provide some coverage and still repel the elements like rain and snow to preserve what’s underneath from moisture or water damage.


Doing It Quickly


Unfortunately, even comparatively simple fixes like boards and tarp require that the proper materials be on hand to use. For many home and business owners, having a board on hand that just happens to be at the size and numbers required is a tricky proposition, and the same is true with tarp to provide coverage.

One solution to this is to plan ahead and have an emergency storage site nearby that will let you break out the materials quickly should an emergency occur. For most people, however, this is extremely difficult to do, especially in terms of expense and storage. Another solution is to call on the experts. Some companies have the resources and the contingency plans in place to respond quickly to such situations and provide the board and tarp people need in the short term until more permanent solutions can be implemented.


If you find yourself in an emergency where you need some quick coverage before the repair and restoration can occur, we can help. Contact Rainbow International of Central Oregon, and we can quickly respond to your situation with both short term and long term recovery solutions.

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