Keep Your Home Safe From Water Damage Before A Long Vacation

Keep Your Home Safe From Water Damage Before A Long Vacation

Many families go on long vacations during the summer months or over the holiday season.  These vacations can be relaxing, invigorating, keep you in touch with your extended family, and otherwise, leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go when you finally come back home.  However, all of that goes away in an instant if you come back home to discover that your house has suffered from significant water damage while you were away.


Water damage can come from a lot of different sources.  Floodwaters, a broken sump pump, a burst pipe, a clogged drain, an overflowing sink, and so on.  Most of these problems don’t have a chance to cause a lot of damage because it’s obvious when it happens and you and your family can spot the problem right away.  However, you don’t get that option if everyone is away for a long vacation, and so it’s important to take a few common-sense steps that can protect your home from any serious water damage.


Give Your Home A Thorough Inspection


Before you leave, have a look at all the pipes and plumbing fixtures before you leave.  Make sure all the drains are working correctly, all the faucets and showerheads aren’t leaking, all the pipes are watertight, and all your kitchen appliances are working right.  If you have a sump pump, make sure nothing has clogged or broken it.  You can also take this time to inspect your electronics for frayed wires and check to make sure all the locks and latches still work.


Turn Off The Water


Consider shutting off the main water valve if you’ll be gone for a while.  Doing this will drop the water pressure throughout your home and limit the amount of water that could cause damage from a clog or a leaky pipe.  However, even if you take this step you should avoid setting the thermostat too low if your vacation takes place during winter since that could freeze the water in your pipes and force them to burst.


Have Someone Check Your House Regularly


Even if you don’t inspect your home and you don’t turn off the water at the main water valve, you should definitely ask someone you trust to check your home every day or two while you’re away.  This person can bring in mail and mow the lawn so your house doesn’t look empty, and they can have a quick look around the house to see if anything’s wrong.  That way if something does go wrong it at least won’t be as bad.


If the worst does occur despite your best efforts, you should make sure you contact a restoration expert you can trust that can locate all the damage and restore your home to the way it was before the disaster.  That’s why many homeowners contact Rainbow International of Central Oregon.  Our company specializes in restoring homes after water damage, fires, collapses, mold growth, and similar issues, so call us today if you need professional assistance.

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